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GooseBumps - V60 Non woven fabric coffee filter

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We are excited to introduce the emergence of alternative materials besides the usual paper, cloth, or metal made filter. This non-woven fabric material allows uniform and liner permeability of water flowing from the extraction. Besides the material exhibits lipophobic, which allows more oil to permeate the filter compared to paper, which increases the aroma of the cup (oils carry aromatics) and also increases the body. 

What surprised us is, it still produces a very clean cup if compare to a metal filter. Coffee fines and sludge is minimal and within the acceptable range for our palate. 

We named it GooseBumps as the texture of the paper has uniquely formed round bumps that give this filter an appealing visual. 


This filter is being made of proprietary non-woven fabric food-grade material, a PE+PP composite. The advantages of this material including heat-resistant, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and recyclable.

Manufacturing at Taoyuan, Taiwan. 

The lab test is done by SGS Taiwan. You may download the report here


Dimension : L150mm x W105mm

Temperature : up to 100°C / 212°F 

Capacity : 01 ~ 1 - 2 cups, 02 ~ 1-4 cups

Quantity : 100 pieces single use filter / pack for 01 and 80 pieces single use filter / pack for 02


Imported from Taiwan

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