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Brokengooseneck is founded by two avid coffee home brewers, and like the other homebrewers, they both hoards dripper cup. Origami dripper intrigued us with its colorful selection and able take in cone and cupcakes paper filter, naturally, we would poison each other to buy the next dripper. David (@evida_lee) has gotten it first and hates the smelly lacquer on the factory wooden base and always tilted dripper position. With the idea to improve the tools, David came out with a solution with aesthetic in mind, Chee Fai (@cheefai7) contributed the idea of bringing it to life by finding a 3D printing vendor to print it. Being totally new to additive manufacturing technology, they have spent 3 months of R&D and countless of prototypes to perfect it. Broken Gooseneck symbolic a breakthrough of normalcy and courage to be different in the coffee community.

Broken Gooseneck is a perfect gateway for us to break rules, be experimental, and still contributing value in a different way. With their oriental culture deemed stereotyping to include "broke" in our brand-name, however, a different perspective, dare to be "broken" or embracing failure is the only way to breakthrough. As for "Gooseneck" which symbolizes the love of coffee brewing, home brewer or coffee aficionado possess at least one gooseneck kettle in their brewing arsenal. The design of the gooseneck is so iconic that it varied so slightly among other kettles and yet it endures the test of time, hoping their product does the same. Broken Gooseneck's mascot, "Brogan" as it rhymes with "Broken" is a mischievous goose, yet smart, sexy, and sophisticated. He should be seen in our packaging that aspired to invade the world.

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